Ohana Sprinkler Service and Repair

Ever notice your yard getting a little brown in certain spots in these summer months? Usually these spots get very dry and many times the yard starts dying before someone really notices it. It usually has to do with clogged, malfunctioning, or poorly adjusted sprinkler heads. These browning areas of grass can eventually cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace if the situation is not resolved.

Most yard services either overlook these conditions or don’t feel it is their responsibility.

Ohana Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance offers Free inspection of the sprinkler system and timer and can most times offer you an on-the-spot proposal for cleaning, adjustment, and or repair. These simple repairs can save you a lot of time and money in yard replacement.

We generally do not do installations, but unlike other large companies we can do those smaller jobs that no one else wants to touch or are too busy to be bothered with.

Our prices are the best in the industry and we pride ourselves in adjusting or replacing sprinkler heads that others have put on that either don’t work right or were the wrong heads to begin with. Yes this does happen!

We at Ohana Sprinkler Service and Repair offer a 30 day guarantee on all repaired or replaced sprinkler heads or sprinkler.

Ohana Plant Works Inc is a name you can trust and Ohana Sprinkler Service and Repair follows in its footsteps. We have eighteen years in the business, Better Business Bureau A+ rating, and we get the job done right the first time.

Try our new service, you will be surprised to see how quickly those brown spots can turn green. We can even fertilize your yard if you request it as part of the service.

Ask for Jim.